The American Civil War    
  Williamsburg, 5 May 1862 -
mcClellan's Peninsular Campaign
  scale: 1:150, start: 6am, stop: 6pm, game turn = 60 min

Brief background
When McCLellan was given free rein to build the Union's resources into an "unstoppable fighting force", he created a large and well provisioned army, though he did not have the fighting skill to command it to victory. Despite misgivings from Lincoln, McCLellan was allowed to take his 'Army of the Potomac' on a daring attack of Richmond, the Confederate capital, in a sweeping amphibious movement around the Confederate rear. It was a bold plan that required vigorous execution, but that was a quality that McClellan did not possess in the field. Instead of overwhelming his opponents with speed and aggression, he dallied and ponbered and let his foes deceive him, to slip away at the critical moment. It therefore took McClellan much longer than expected to occupy Yorktown, and then only after the Confederates slipped away under cover of night. McClellan had failed to bring Johnston's forces to battle and inflict a crippling defeat on them with superior forces. He was forced to pursue Johnston's army until the Confederate rearguard turned at Williamsburg.

Game notes
- The Confederate cavalry brigade of JEB Stuart (1250 men) and the Union Cavalry under BG Stoneman (2500 men) were keeping an eye on each to the south-east of the battlefield and were not involved in the fighting.
- Units of more than 9 stands may be split into 2 sub-units, but must remain within 3" of each other. They suffer attrition as if they were 1 unit.

CONFEDERATE FORCES Confederate Army in Virginia
C-in-C: Maj Gnl James Longstreet    Excellent starts behind Fort Magruder
Second Division Brig Gnl R H Anderson                   off table with Jenkins, Pickett and Wilcox
occupies southern redoubts
Colston's Brigade 3rd Virginia, 13th N Carolina, 14th N Carolina 1200 8/6/4 veteran
  Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery 3 guns 1 stand  
in reserve behind Colston
Roger A Pryor's Brigade 8th & 14th Alabama, 14th Louisiana, 32nd Virginia 1400 9/7/5 veteran
  Richmond Fayette Artillery combined with Colston's artillery    
occupies Fort Magruder and central redoubts
A P Hill's Brigade 1st, 7th, 11th and 17th Virginia 1600 10/8/5 veteran
the following may arrive on table at X at any time
Col M Jenkins' Brigade 4th, 5th, 6th South Carolina, Palmetto Sharpshooters 1400 9/7/5 veteran
Excellent and Louisiana Foot Rifles      
  Fauqueir, Williamsburg & Richmond Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
George Pickett's Brigade 8th, 18th, 19th and 28th Virginia 1800 12/9/6 veteran
Excellent Fauqueir, Williamsburg & Richmond Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
C M Wilcox's Brigade 9th & 10th Alabama, 19th Mississippi 1600 10/8/5 veteran
in reserve in Williamsburg
Jubal A Early's Brigade 5th & 23rd N Carolina, 24th & 38th Virginia 1950 13/10/7 veteran
Time table
11:00 start
UNION FORCES The Army of the Potomac
C-in-C: Maj Gnl George B McClellan arrives on table at 12noon
III CORPS Brig Gnl S P Heintzelman
Second Division Brig Gnl Joseph Hooker      Excellent              arrives on table at 6am
Grover's Brigade 2nd N Hampshire, 1st & 11th Massachusetts, 26th Penn 2900 19/15/11 green
Taylor's Brigade 70th, 72nd, 73rd & 74th New York 2900 19/15/11 green
Patterson's Brigade 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th New Jersey 2900 19/15/11 green
C S Wainwright's  Battery D, 1st N York Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
Artillery 4th New York Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
  6th New York Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
  Battery H, 1st United States Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
Third Division Brig Gnl Philip Kearny      Excellent             arrives on table at 6am, parallel to Hooker
Jameson's Brigade 27th, 63rd, 105th Pennsylvania & 87th New York 2900 19/15/11 green
Birney's Brigade 38th & 40th New York; 3rd & 4th Maine 2900 19/15/11 green
Berry's Brigade 2nd, 3rd & 5th Michigan & 27th New York 2900 19/15/11 green
Captain Thompson's  Battery B, 1st N Jersey Light Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
Artillery Battery E, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery with N Jersey    
  Battery G, 2nd United States Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
IV CORPS Brig Gnl Erasmus D Keyes
First Division Brig Gnl Darius N Couch arrives on table at 7am
Deven's Brigade 7th & 10th Massachusetts, 2nd Rhode Island, 36th NY 900 6/5/4 green
Graham's Brigade 23rd, 31st & 61st Pennsylvania; 65th & 67th New York 900 6/5/4 green
Peck's Brigade 93rd, 98th & 102nd Pennsylvania; 55th & 62nd N York 900 6/5/4 green
Maj Robert M West's Batteries C & D, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
Artillery Batteries E & H, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
Attached from 2nd Division
WS Hancock's Brigade 5th Wisconsin, 43rd New York, 6th Maine & 900 6/5/4 green
Excellent        49th Pennsylvania      
Second Division Brig Gnl William F Smith arrives on table at 7am
Brooks' Brigade 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Vermont 900 6/5/4 green
Davidson's Brigade 6th Maine, 33rd, 49th & 77th New York 900 6/5/4 green
Captain B Ayres' 1st & 3rd New York Batteries 6 guns 1 stand  
Artillery Battery E 1st N York Light Artillery & 5th US Artillery 6 guns 1 stand  
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