The American Civil War    
  Shiloh (Place of peace) - 6 April, 1862   Scale: 1:260, start: 8am, ends with Union turn at 6.30pm, 1 game turn = 30 min

Brief background:
Possession of the Mississippi River was considered key to the Union: it would split the Confederacy in 2: East and West, and it provided an excellent avenue to advance troops, supplies and support to the south. Kentucky was considered key to the Mississippi, but Kentucky was maintaining a neutral position. Hence, it was generally held that the side that advanced troops into Kentucky, would throw the state into the opponent's arms. Nevertheless, in the autumn of 1862, a Confederate army under Leonidas Polk advanced into Kentucky to pre-empt an offensive by Grant's Union forces. It was a rash move. When Grant attacked, Sidney Johnston was despatched by the South to cover the Confederate border from the Mississippi to the mountains in the East. Overstretched, Johnston was aware that his bluff would be exposed as soon as an aggressive Union general attacked. Grant was that general and in February of 1862 captured Forts Henry and Donelson, opening the way into the heartland of the Confederay. Enter Maj Gnl Bragg, who offered the Confederate government the opinion that all troops be stripped from garisson duty and that all areas of secondary importance be abandoned to concentrate the combined forces against Grant's army. The Confederate president agreed: concentrate and use surprise to destroy Grant before he is reinforced by other Union forces. At that moment, and opportunely for the Confederates, Grant was temporarily relieved from command. It bought time for the South to concentrate their forces. Within weeks, however, Grant was reappointed by a furious Lincoln. With characteristic energy, Grant set about forwarding troops to Pittsburg Landing, with a view to use the area for training and instilling discipline. Without the least concern for Confederate activity, the officers encamped their troops where there was an abundance of camp material, water and open areas for training. The scene was set for a Confederate victory.

Game note:
This scenario is taken from the Fire & Fury Western Battles Scenario Book, where you can find the map.

  Good YouTube video of the battle:  
CONFEDERATE FORCES C-in-C: Albert S. Johnston - Excellent must be represented by a leader stand
2nd in command: P. G. Beauregard not represented
1st CORPS Maj Gnl Leonidas Polk starts on table at 8am
1st Division Russell's Brigade 2743 10/8/5 veteran
Brig Gnl Clark Stewart's Brigade 2399 9/7/5 veteran
  Division artillery   1 stand  -
starts on table at 8am
2nd Division Johnson's Brigade 2052 8/6/4 veteran
Maj Gnl Cheatham Stephens' Brigade 1620 6/5/4 green
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
starts on table at 8am
1st Corps Cavalry Lindsay's improvised cav & Brewer's Cav Battalion 800 3/-/2 veteran
2nd CORPS Maj Gnl Braxton Bragg starts on table at 8am
1st Division Gibson's Brigade - Excellent 2560 10/8/5 veteran
Brig Gnl Ruggles Anderson's Brigade 1633 6/5/4 green
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
arrives later
  Pond's Brigade 2644 10/8/6 green
starts on table at 8am
2nd Division Gladden's Brigade 2156 8/7/5 green
Brig Gnl Withers  Chalmers' Brigade 2236 9/8/5 green
Excellent Jackson's Brigade 2127 8/6/4 veteran
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
starts on table at 8am
2nd Corps Cavalry 1st Alabama Cavalry 670 3/-/2 veteran
3rd CORPS Maj Gnl William Hardee starts on table at 8am
  Shaver's Brigade 2290 9/8/5 green
1st Division Cleburne's Brigade - Excellent 2537 10/8/6 green
Brig Gnl Hindman Wood's Brigade 1996 8/7/5 green
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
RESERVE CORPS arrive on table at 8am
1st Division Trabue's Brigade - Excellent 2678 10/8/6 green
Brig Gnl John C. Breckinridge Statham's Brigade 1878 7/6/4 green
Excellent Bowen's Brigade 2114 8/7/5 green
  Division artillery   4 stands  -
arrives later
unattached - Wharton 3rd Tenessee Cavalry 785 3/-/2 veteran
arrives later
Forrest Terry's Texas Rangers (8th Texas Cavalry) 700 3/-/2 veteran
  Wirt Adams' Cavalry 600 2/-/- veteran

All Confederate units on table may make a full first move - no die roll required on the Maneuver Table

The first non-charging Confederate brigade to pass through or within 2" of each Union camp must halt and end movement for that turn to loot. Chargers, leaders, batteries and brigades that are forced to retreat, don't stop to loot.

A. Sidney Johnston:
Johnston led brigades into battle at Shiloh and must therefore be represented. When attached only, he gives a +3 attached leader modifier on the Maneuver table and +1 in combat. If 'fallen' or captured, he is not replaced.

Victory conditions:
Inflict at least 20 casualty points on the Union an obtain at least a ratio of 3:2 in your favour or accumulate more casualty points than the Union and occupy Pittsburg Landing with at least 1 unspent Brigade at close of day.

UNION FORCES C-in-C: Ulysses S. Grant not represented
ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE in camp at 8am
  Hare's Brigade 2339 9/7/5 veteran
1st Division Marsh's Brigade 1754 6/5/3 veteran
Maj Gnl McClernand Raith's Brigade 1787 7/5/4 veteran
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
in camp at 8am
  Tuttle's Brigade 1804 7/5/4 veteran
2nd Division McArthur's Brigade - Excellent 2296 9/7/5 veteran
Brig Gnl William Wallace Sweeny's Brigade 3632 14/11/7 veteran
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
arrives later
  M. Smith's Brigade 1998 7/5/4 veteran
3rd Division Thayer's Brigade 2236 9/7/5 veteran
Maj Gnl Lew Wallace Whittlesey's Brigade 2541 10/8/5 veteran
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
in camp at 8am
  William's Brigade 2323 9/7/5 veteran
4th Division Veatch's Brigade 2583 10/8/6 green
Brig Gnl Hurlbut Lauman's Brigade - Excellent 1522 6/5/3 veteran
  Division artillery   2 stands  -
off table. Enter at location F at 8.30am
5th Division McDowell's Brigade 1930 7/6/4 green
BG William T. Sherman Division artillery   1 stand  -
Excellent in camp at 8am
  Stuart's Brigade 1310 5/4/3 green
  Hildebrand's Brigade (Sherman start with them) 1833 7/6/4 green
  Buckland's Brigade 2107 8/7/5 green
  Division artillery   1 stand  -
in camp at 8am
6th Division Peabody's Brigade - Excellent 2790 10/8/6 green
Brig Gnl Prentiss Miller's Brigade (Prentiss starts with them) 2509 10/8/6 green
  Division artillery   1 stand  -
from the ARMY OF THE OHIO arrives later
4th Division Ammen's Brigade 1528 6/5/4 green
BG Nelson - Excellent Bruce's Brigade 1589 6/5/3 veteran
  Division artillery   1 stand  -
unattached in camp at 8am
  Army reserve artillery   2 stands  -
arrives later
  Gunboat Lexington   1/2 stand  -
arrives later
  Gunboat Tyler   1/2 stand  -
Download scenario here

Brigade stands in camp are placed randomly around their camps and/or left off table. Batteries are placed in limbered mode. Division leaders are in their headquarter tents.

Surprise attack table:
Immediately after all Confederate units have made their 1st (and free) move, the Brigades of Prentiss and Sherman that are on table must roll a D10 and reference score against the surprise attack table. The effects apply to the brigade and its artillery. After the rolls, the next Confederate phases are made.

Surprise attack table:

D10 roll 1 or 2: Surprised - Defenders are disordered/silenced and cannot fire in the next phase. The defender also loses modifiers for leaders, favourable ground and support.
3 to 8: Hasty alarm - Defensive fire is halved next phase
9 to 11: Alerted - No effects upon the defender.
Note: Add +1 when rolling for Peabody's Brigade

Lying down:
Union troops may be assumed to lie down to avoid detection and stand up for fire or melee combat. Only Union troops from the Union half of the table may lie down. As such, they must only be revealed when Confederates come within shooting range, when they stand up to fire. Confederate units that walk into such Union units, must stop moving when the Union player reveals his troops.

The Union has the support of 2 gunboats who may fire with 5 firepoints (cannister) at 2" of the riverbank, or 1 firepoint (ball) at up to 16" of the riverbank and indirectly (does not need to be visible) at any Confederate target. They may combine their fire. Gunboat Lexington appears at 14:30 Gunboat Tyler appears at 17:30

Victory conditions:
Prevent the Confederates from occupying Pittsburg Landing and inflict more damage on them than they on you.

Map: Fire & Fury Western Battles Scenario Book


Time table
08:00 start
  The terrain at Shiloh  
Ulysses Grant
  One of Cleburne's brigades  
a diorama