The American Civil War    
  Fort Donelson Breakout, February 15, 1862  
Scale: 1:200, start: 7am, end: 6pm, 1 game turn = 1h, 1 battery = 1 stand

Brief background:
From the 12th of February onward, Grant had tightened his grip on Fort Donelson. Some premature infantry assaults on the Confederate works had come to naught, and the Union gunboats had dismally failed to make an impression on the fort on the 14th, but Grant's army now outnumbered the Confederates and the latter's commanding officer, Brigadier General John B. Floyd, proved to be inactive and undecided. Not expecting any activity unless it was initiated by his own troops, Grant left the frontline to attend a conference with the gunboats' commodore. Floyd, meanwhile, had called an early morning council of war where it was decided to attempt a breakout.

Game notes:
- The woods are not dense and only reduce movement by 1/4 for infantry and cavalry, and by 1/2 for artillery. They offer a -1 cover factor for small arms fire and do not give a bonus when defending their edge.
- The Union Divisions were under orders not to leave their positions. Only McClernand's frontline Brigades may respond to the appearance of any Confederate troops, and Ross's Brigade then only if summoned by orders from McClernand. Other Union Brigades may only participate in the battle if fired on by Confederate small arms, or charged, or when ordered by Grant upon his return to the battle.
- General Floyd was a very cautious man and actually halted the Confederates even as they had managed to clear a path for their escape, retreating back behind the Confederate defences. To simulate Floyd's hesitant nature, he will never attach himself to a unit, nor will any units benefit from his leader modifier. In addition, from turn 12:00 onward, all Confederate units that want to move will suffer incremental - modifiers: -2 for turn 12:00, -3 for turn 13:00 and -4 for turn 14:00 andevery turn thereafter.
- Although the Confederate Right Wing Division did not participate in the assault, Floyd may issue orders to them to do so.
- Units of more than 10 stands may be split into 2 sub-units, but must remain within 3" of each other. They suffer attrition as if they were 1 unit.

- the Confederates must be in complete possession of the eastern half of the table by the end of the day. No fresh or worn Union units may remain there.
- the Union army must keep the Confederates holed up in Fort Donelson.

Army of Central Kentucky
C-in-C: BG John B Floyd
Left Wing Division BG Gideon J. Pillow
2nd Brigade 8th Kentucky, 1st & 23rd Mississippi & 7th Texas 2000 10/8/5 veteran
Col John M. Simonton        
6th Brigade 36th & 50th Virginia Infantry: Ltc Leigh Reid 1200 6/5/3 veteran
Col John McCausland - Excellent        
7th Brigade 20th & 26th Mississippi & 26th Tennessee 1200 6/5/3 veteran
Col William E. Baldwin        
5th Brigade 51st & 56th Virginia Infantry 1200 6/5/3 veteran
Col C. Wharton - Excellent        
3rd Brigade 15th Arkansas, 6th Alabama & 4th Mississippi 1600 8/7/5 green
Col Joseph Drake        
Attached artillery Guy's & French's Virginia Batteries   1 stand  -
  Green's Kentucky Battery   1 stand  -
Left Wing Division (BG Buckner not present)
2nd Brigade 2nd Kentucky, 14th Mississippi & 41st Tennessee 1600 8/7/5 green
Col Drake Jackson's Virginia Battery   1 stand  -
3rd Brigade 3rd, 18th & 32nd Tennessee 1600 8/7/5 green
Col John C. Brown Porter's Tennessee Battery   1 stand  -
  Graves' Kentucky Battery   1 stand  -
1st Brigade 27th Alabama + 10th, 48th & 53rd Tennessee 2400 12/10/7 green
Col Adolphus Heiman Maney's Tennessee Battery   1 stand  -
Lt Col Nathan B. Forrest 3rd & 9th Tennessee + 1st Kentucky cavalry 800 4/3/2 crack
Lt Col Nathan B. Forrest at dawn
C-in-C: Brig General Ulysses S. Grant arrives at 14:15
1st Division BG John A. McClernand
1st Brigade 8th, 18th, 29th, 30th, 31st Illinois 2600 12/10/7 green
Col Richard J. Oglesby Battery D, 1st Illinois Light Artillery   1 stand  -
  Attached Illinois cavalry 600 3/-/2 veteran
2nd Brigade 11th, 20th, 45th, 48th Illinois 1600 8/7/5 green
Col William H. L. Wallace Battery B, 1st Illinois Light Artillery   1 stand  -
  Battery D, 1st Illinois Light Artillery   1 stand  -
  Attached: 4th Illinois Cavalry 400 2/-/- veteran
3rd Brigade 17th & 49th Illinois 1000 5/4/3 veteran
Col Leonard F. Ross Batteries H & K, 1st Missouri Artillery   1 stand  -
4th Brigade 9th, 12th, 41st Illinois 1200 6/5/3 veteran
Col John McArthur        
3rd Division BG Lew Wallace arrives at 14:00
1st Brigade 31st & 44th Indiana + 17th & 25th Kentucky 1600 8/7/5 green
Col Charles Cruft        
arrives at 15:00  
3rd Brigade 1st Nebraska + 58th, 68th & 76th Ohio 2400 12/10/7 green
Col John M. Thayer        
attached 2nd Brigade 46th, 57th, 58th & 32nd Illinois 2400 12/10/7 green
       2nd Division - reinforcements arrives at 15:00
5th Brigade 11th Indiana + 8th Missouri 1200 6/5/3 veteran
Col Morgan L. Smith        
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Time table
07:00 start