The Monongahela river    
  9 July 1755    
British briefing:
In order to secure the Ohio river valley for British Crown-subject settlers in the expanding American colony, General Braddock was sent to confront the French. With him was General Washington who had been forced to surrender to the French on a similar previous mission. On 9 July 1755, their force has crossed the Monongahela river and is closing in on Fort Duquesne. Braddock knows that the fort will not hold out long against the British artillery, and so expects the French commander to try and stop him on the way there.
BRITISH ARMY scale 1:6.5
dice to complete Gnls characteristics
coys men/guns status factors 1st fire? skirm
CinC:  Maj. Gnl Braddock Competent, 
Adv Guard General Gage
New York Militia 1 66+rifle CON 3/-/2   all
Foot Artillery   4 x 3pdr   4/3/2/1    
Main Body C-in-C
44th foot - 1st coy 1 120+musk TR 6/5/3    
               2nd coy 1 " TR 6/5/3    
               3rd coy 1 " TR 6/5/3    
48th foot - 1st coy 1 105+musk TR 5/4/2    
               2nd coy 1 " TR 5/4/2    
               3rd coy 1 " TR 5/4/2    
grenad detachment  1 90+musk VET 5/3/1    
light infantry detachment 1 90+musk TR 5/4/2   all
Virginia Militia General Washington
1st coy 1 88+rifle CON 5/4/3   all
2nd coy 1 88+rifle CON 5/4/3   all
3rd coy 1 88+rifle CON 5/4/3   all
Baggage: several carts, pack animals and 1 battery of 6x8 pdrs
Special rules:
The efficiency rating off all British drops 1 level when in the woods and attacked by Indians. The British troops must fight in C/O (Except light infantry) as long as Braddock is alive. They may skirmish if he dies. The army arrives in column on the road, with the advance grd 2 moves ahead of the rest. Braddock needs to get half his army, including half his artillery, to exit on the road at the other side of the table to claim victory.
  French briefing:
Fort Duquesne is the base of the French military presence on the Ohio river valley frontier. It has become the target of a British military expedition to wrest control of the area from the French. Informed by Indian scouts of the march of the British army, General Beaujeu and his Indian allies have set out to stop and destroy the British invading army.
FRENCH ARMY scale 1:6.5
dice to complete Gnls characteristics
units men/guns status factors 1st fire? skirm
CinC:  Colonel Beaujeu Competent, 
French Units Colonel Dumas
Troupe de la Marine 1 100+rifle TR 5/4/2   all
Canadian militia 1 150+rifle CON 8/6/4   all
Indians Charles Langdale
Pottawattamis 1 150+rifle VET 8/6/4   warband
Ojibwas 1 150+rifle VET 8/6/4   "
Chief Pontiac Inspirational, 
Ottawas 1 200+rifle VET 10/7/4   warband
Other Indians 1 150+rifle VET 8/6/4   "
Special rules:
All troops remain hidden until within 75mm, and the Troupe de la Marine remains visible thereafter. The Canadians and Indians become hidden again if they move further than 75mm away from the British.
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